Water & Sewer Bills


The City provides water and sewer utility service to approximately 6,700 accounts. Meters are read and entered into handheld recorders. The meter readings are transferred into our accounting system, which produces billing statements weekly. For most of the accounts, water consumption for the month is based on a single meter reading, while others are based on multiple meter readings. These readings are used for the calculations during billing.

Learn How to Read Your Water Meter.

Charges for water, as set by City Ordinance, are based on consumption amounts. Minimum charges are based on the size of the service line from main to meter, and entitle the user to a set quantity.

Residential sewer rates are a set fee per month, based on the winter average of water consumption. Commercial sewer rates entitle the user to a set quantity of water. Like the water charges, an additional fee is charged for sewer, based on water consumed above the minimum quantity allowed per month.

Current Water and Sewer Rates

City Council Approves Water Rate Increase

On June 11, 2018, the Woodburn City Council approved a plan to increase water rates annually over the next 10 years. The plan calls for 10% increases in years 1 and 2, followed by annual increases of 4% in years 3-10. The increases will be effective on July 1 of each year and are necessary to ensure that the water system has adequate resources to fund ongoing operational & maintenance activities and important system improvement projects.

Estimate Your Increased Water Bill

The WATER RATE CALCULATOR can help you estimate how much your water bill will be once the 10% increase goes into effect on July 1, 2018. In order to use the calculator, you will need a copy of your water bill from the billing period you wish to compare to. Please keep in mind that the calculator assumes you will use the exact same volume of water as you did during the billing period reflected by the bill you are referencing. Many customers use more water during the summer months when they water lawns and plants. The rate increases only affect water charges. Sewer charges are not affected by this increase.

Water and Sewer Bill Payments

Payments for water/sewer bills may be submitted by mail, enrollment in electronic bank drafting, enrollment in the City's online utility system, through your financial institution's bill pay system, in person at the Finance Dept. counter at the temporary City Hall at 970 N. Cascade Dr., in the drop box slot located by the Finance Dept. door at the temporary City Hall, or at the members only drop box at the Woodburn Estates Club House.  Mail and electronic payments should continue to be sent to 270 Montgomery St.

Water and Sewer Bill Electronic Bank Draft

Customers may enroll in electronic bank drafting to have their water and sewer bill payment automatically deducted from a checking or savings account.  Click link for Electronic Bank Draft Form (También disponible en Español).  To enroll, complete and sign the form, return it with your current bill payment in full, the current bill payment stub, and a voided check or deposit slip for savings account.   

 Water and Sewer Bill Online System

Customers may view their water and sewer billing statements and make online payments by creating an account in the city's online system.  Registration instructions for creating an account are available in English and Spanish (Disponible en Español). Please, click on the Pay Your Bill Online link below to be directed to the site.


Water and Sewer Utility Assistance

The City's Water and Sewer Utility Assistance Program is available for eligible customers needing assistance with their City of Woodburn water and sewer utility bill payments.   

Other assistance agencies in the Woodburn area include, but are not limited to,

Adult & Family Services, 503-980-6677

Marion Co. Resource Center, 971-273-7345

Mid-Willamette Valley Community Action, 503-585-6232

Salvation Army Family Services, 503-585-6688

St. Vincent de Paul, 971-338-1074

Start New Water and Sewer Utility Service (Open Account)

Call to schedule:

  • To schedule the start of new service, please contact the City's Finance Department at 503-982-5222, opt. 1, in advance of the desired start date. 
  • Effective August 1, 2018, new service requests for water and sewer must be received before 3 pm for same day connection.  New service requests received after 3 pm will be connected the next business day.


  • New customers are required to pay a refundable deposit before service can begin. 
  • Customers that have had service in Woodburn may be required to pay a refundable deposit before service at a new location can begin.

Documentation of property ownership or rental status:

  • New property owners - If Marion County property records do not yet reflect the new owner name, documentation showing property ownership and the date that ownership transferred will be required before new service can begin. 
  • New renters - Documentation showing the name of the authorized renter and the date that rental began may be required before new service can begin.  Rental information provided may be confirmed with the property owner or property management company of record before new service can begin.

Past due balances:

  • Customers that have had service in Woodburn must pay any past due balance from the prior service location before service at a new location can begin.
  • Liens for past due utility bills must be paid before new service can begin. 

Stop Water and Sewer Utility Service (Close Account)

To schedule the end of your utility service, please contact the City's Finance Department at 503-982-5222, opt. 1, in advance of the desired end date.