Urban Renewal


Woodburn’s Urban Renewal Plan:

 The City of Woodburn established the Woodburn Urban Renewal District pursuant to ORS Chapter 457, the Oregon Constitution, and all applicable laws and ordinances on March 13, 2001, upon adoption of Ordinance 2283. On August 13, 2001, the City adopted Ordinance 2298 establishing the maximum indebtedness of the Plan of $29.3 million. The Woodburn’s urban renewal is governed by the Urban Renewal Agency, which consists of the City’s Mayor and City Council members.

The City’s urban renewal redevelopment area consists of approximately 260 acres, all within the Woodburn city limits. In general, the area includes the historic downtown, Front Street to Highway 214 and Highway 214 to redevelopment sites on Stacy Allison, Young Street to Highway 99 and Highway 99 to Highway 211.

The Urban Renewal Plan states the following overall renewal goals:

  • Public improvements
  • Redevelopment through new construction
  • Preservation, rehabilitation, development and redevelopment
  • Property acquisition and disposition
  • Plan administration

The Core Values created by the Urban Renewal Agency are as follows:

  • Ensure positive return on investment
  • Cultivate resources and investment in underutilized or blighted areas
  • Job creation
  • Economic vitality
  • Establish downtown as a destination
  • Historic preservation and cultural interpretation

Woodburn Urban Renewal Plan

2017 Urban Renewal Annual Report

Urban Renewal Map

Downtown Advisory Review Subcommittee (DARS)

Building Improvements Program:

The City of Woodburn URA provides an incentive program designed to promote improvement to buildings and properties within the urban renewal district. By improving properties within the renewal area, the program serves to improve Woodburn’s overall economic viability. Better aesthetics increase property values, improve the marketability of space within the buildings and draws business and residents to the area.

Eligible Activities:

Building improvement activities must involve the general upgrading of a building's exterior and/or interior improvements that enhances the overall appeal and preservation of a property. All improvements must comply with the City of Woodburn’s design standards and must be approved by the Downtown Advisory Review Subcommittee and the Urban Renewal Agency Board. 

Grant Funding Available:

Funding is available on a first-come, first-served basis. There are three building improvement grant funding sources available to applicants: 

  • Exterior Grant Maximum 50% up to $50,000 / Applicant Match 50%
  • Interior Grant Maximum 25% up to $50,000 / Applicant Match 75%
  • Design Services Grant value up to $3,000

For additional information on the City of Woodburn's Building Improvement Program