2017 Court

2017 Fiesta Court, l-r, Claudia Perez Correa, Daisy Tapia, Rosalina Garcia, Araceli Lopez, Graciela Martinez, Andrea de la Cruz, Ana Varillas and Elizabeth Chavez.


Elizabeth Chavez

I’m a senior at Woodburn High School at Woodburn Academy of Art, Science and Technology (WAAST). My hobbies are playing the trombone, tennis and art. I’m interested in being on the Fiesta Court because I know it will help me grow as a person as well as give me useful experiences for future use. My favorite thing about the Fiesta event would be that I’m able to be with my friends and also meet new people.


Ana Varillas

I attend Woodburn High School (WAAST) and I will be graduating in 2018. My interests include listening to music, playing tennis, cooking, volunteer work and playing my instruments. I’m interested in the Fiesta because I want to learn more about my community through various new experiences as well as fulfilling a childhood dream of mine. I'm also interested in meeting new people and figuring out how I can stay involved with my community once I'm older so that I never lose my love for Woodburn. My favorite thing about the Fiesta event is meeting new people and getting to learn about their experiences with our community, I also really enjoy good music and food. The cultural aspect of the Fiesta really captivates me and pushes me to learn more about my community as well, which is something I really enjoy.


Claudia Perez Correa

I am going to be a senior at the Academy of International Studies (AIS) at Woodburn High School in the fall. My hobbies are dancing, photography, baking desserts and helping out in my community. I am interested in participating in the Fiesta Court because it demonstrates leadership. I grew up going to the Fiesta Mexicana as a child and the Fiesta Court always intrigued me because it taught girls to become leaders in their community. My favorite thing about Fiesta is that we get to carry our beautiful traditions and it is a time where families can gather together to embrace our culture.


Araceli Lopez

The school I go to is WAAST and I will be a senior this upcoming fall. My interest/hobbies are that I like reading and playing the ukulele. The reason I am interested in being on the Fiesta Court is because I'll learn new things about my community and I will also get the chance to represent my community as a princess/queen of Woodburn in any event that I attend and anywhere that I go. My favorite part about the Fiesta Court is that everyone will enjoy good food with good music there are also a lot of people coming together to enjoy the Mexican culture that Woodburn has.


Andrea de la Cruz

I recently graduated from Woodburn High School and I will be attending Chemeketa for two years before transferring to Pacific University. My hobbies are to help out my community in any way I can, go out and explore Oregon and enjoy its nature. I'm interested in being in the Fiesta Court because I get to meet new people from different backgrounds, allowing me to use my communication skills. My favorite part about Fiesta is that it will be my first time attending while also being on the Fiesta Court. I'm looking forward to meeting new people and enjoying the day with them.


Daisy Tapia

I will be a senior at AIS in 2018 and after graduation I will be going to college and study either communications or civil engineering. My hobbies include: dancing, spending time with my family, reading and running short distances. I want to represent my culture (Mexican) and I also want to be an example as a role model for younger Latino woman. I want to share my knowledge of being humble while helping the community. My favorite part of the Fiesta is to see our diverse community and get together to celebrate the Mexican culture.


Graciela Martinez

I graduated in 2017 from the Wellness, Business and Sports School (WeBSS) at Woodburn High School. I will be going to Chemeketa for two years and then I will go to OSU. My hobbies are to play music, hiking and volunteer. I wanted to participate in the Fiesta Court, because I like new experiences, meet new people and develop more of my people and leadership skills. I like the Fiesta because I like to meet new people.


Rosalina Garcia

I recently graduated from AIS at Woodburn High School. My interests and favorite things to do are dance, especially participating in baile folklorico. I also like playing softball and soccer and interested into helping other in any way I can. I want to be part of the fiesta court because I love the way us Latinos stick together and show where we come from by having different cultures and different customs. Therefore, I want to represent the Latino community of Woodburn. My favorite part of Fiesta is the parade, and having the baile folklorico dance to different cultures.


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