2013 Fiesta Court

The Fiesta Court ladies contribute 50-60 hours from the end of April until Coronation night to community events and a few events thereafter.  High School students are selected to participate based on certain criteria:  Being bilingual (Spanish and English); a Junior entering their Senior year the following school year or a graduating Senior; student attending Woodburn High (any of the 5 schools), North Marion High, Gervais High or a Woodburn HS resident being home schooled, attending a high school equivalent institution or charter school,  2.5 or higher GPA and commitment to the program. The ladies commit to 16 months of training, attending events, coaching, practices, preparation and coronation. 

The integrity of the program is an extreme honor to hold and uphold for young ladies who are representing the Woodburn Fiesta Mexicana event. This program is not just a dream but something that prepares young ladies in leadership, academia, community service, presentation and career. Throughout the 18 month commitment, the young ladies will receive many opportunities from coaching in preparation of coronation night; civic presentations; promotions of Fiesta; experience the Seaside Miss Oregon Pageant and represent the Woodburn Community in a positive and ethical presence.

2013 Fiesta Queen - Melissa Escalona


1964 Queen and 2013 Queen

Chemeketa Community College Director, Elias Villegas and 2013 Queen Melissa Escalona

Additional photos can be found in Our Fiesta History page.


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