2014 Fiesta Court

Amelia Robles (Queen) and Maricela Vidal (First Princess)

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The scholarship awards were as follows:

2014 Fiesta Queen

1 Yr at Chemeketa Community College

$500 from Woodburn Area Chamber of Commerce

Amelia Robles

Ame likes to be involved with the Woodburn Community and has volunteered for several organizations,  companies, such as Love Santa Inc., and school sponsored events. One of her favorite is with Bauman Farms during the fall season, specifically the pumpkin patch and corn maze. Volunteering has taught her several skills in customer service, communications and organization. Very personal choices have impacted her life and the successful path she chose to follow. She looks forward to being a part of the Fiesta Court program to represent the Woodburn Community and to get out of her comfort zone of being shy.

Her teacher best describes Ame with the following: “She has lots of friends because she treats others with respect. She has the determination to be successful with her plans.”

Ame plans to pursue a career in Child and Family Psychology. She intends to graduate from high school, attend a community college to attain her Associates Degree and transfer to a university to receive her Bachelor’s Degree. Helping families, specifically children, is her passion as she pursues her dream career.

2014 First Princess

2 Terms at Chemeketa Community College

$300 from the Woodburn Area of Commerce

Maricela Vidal

Maricela has been volunteer since she was in middle school during Woodburn Proud’s Clean up and found that being of service gave her a sense of appreciation. She has since been involved in Teen Council at her high school and has been a part of the Ford Institute Leadership Program for two years, resulting in a community project to be installed May 2014. She has learned her leadership skills through FILP and wants to enhance those skills with the Fiesta Court program, specifically with her public speaking abilities. The Teen Council Program Manager states that, “Maricela’s leadership, presentation skills and dedication has blossomed over the last two years. I admire Maricela because of her commitment and involvement as a peer educator, advocate and outreach worker.”

Due to a very personal experience, she has taken a stand on alcohol abuse and persists on encouraging others not to be involved with it either. It is important for her to make the right choices and what is best for her. She sees her brother as a role model, who currently is a college student and wants to follow in his steps by pursuing her goals. She plans to graduate from high school and be a role model to others.

Her career goals are to pursue a degree in nursing or social work and her choice of college is yet to be determined. She enjoys working with people and believes that either career serve the public in many ways. She is even considering being a travelling nurse so that she also gets the travel experience. She is hopeful to receive the Fiesta Queen title because of the scholarship from Chemeketa, which will provide her a transition from high school to a university.


2014 Fiesta Court Princesses

Mirtha Arellano, Celi Gaspar, Alejandra Hernandez, Amelia Robles, Maricela Vidal (pictured left to right)

Scholarships: 2nd-4th Runner ups received $100 from the Woodburn Area Chamber of Commerce


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