Fiesta 2018 Vendors

2018 Fiesta Mexicana Vendor Applications 

2018 Vendor Application - English

2018 Vendor Application - Spanish

Fiesta Mexicana August 3-5, 2018 

Completed applications can be mailed to or dropped off at City Hall, 270 Montgomery St., Woodburn, OR 97071.

2018 Fees at a Glance:

Space Size Electricity

Early Bird

Ends May 1

Regular Fees
Food (Pavilion)


(1) 20 amp / 110 volt circuits

$630 $700
Food  10'x20' (1) 20 amp / 110 volt circuits $630 $700


10'x20' (1) 20 amp / 110 volt circuits $585 $650


10'x15' (1) 20 amp / 110 volt circuits $495 $550
Non-Food 10'x10'

(1) 20 amp / 110 volt circuits

$405 $450
Non-Profit 10'x10'

(1) 20 amp / 110 volt circuits

$245 $275
Artisan/Craft 10'x10'

(1) 20 amp / 110 volt circuits

$65 $75

For questions or comments, please contact Leslie Marcarello at 503-980-6321 or

Vendor Specialty Booth #
Juanita's Food Tacos, tortas, quesdillas, tamales, & more  
Rosas Churros Filled Churros, shaved ice  
Island Shaved Ice Hawaiian shaved ice  
Taqueria Martinez Tacos, burritos, quesadillas, chicharrones, & more  
Antojitos Gonzales Frutas, tamales, sopes, aguas frescas & more  
Tienda la Jerusalem Fruta Picada, diablites, tostilocos, & more  
Krazy Popin Korn Kettle corn  
La Luz del Mundo Tacos, pupusas, elotes Pavillion
El Mercadito Elephant ears, curly fries, esquites, & more Pavillion
Churros Locos Churros, duros, frutas, aguas frescas  
Spanglish Food Tostadas, sopes, burritos, & more  
Urzuas Tacos Tacos, quesdillas, tortos, & more  
Maria's Cuisine Cocktele de Fruta, chicharrones, tacos, corn  
Summer's Flower Cotton Candy Cotton Candy  
Tropical Paradise Crepes, fried plantains, curly fries & more  
Doughboy Inc. Elephant ears, toppings, & drinks  
Ice Cream by Deanna Paletas, elotes, fruta, chicharrones & more  
Taqueria los Panditas Tacos, tortas, enchiladas, burritos, & more Pavillion
Real Mexican Food Tacos, elotes, tortas, tamales, & more  
Mega Foods Tacos, burritos, quesadillas, chicharrones, & more Pavillion
Jugeteria Catu Toys  
Accident Care Chiropractic Chiropractic information/massage  
Cricket Wireless Cell phone information  
Nueva Esperanza Chiropractic Clinic Chiropractic information  
Lancaster Flea Toys  
Academy Mortgage Mortgage information  
Chicanita Imports Toys  
Prestigio Artesanal Clothing, purses, jewelry  
Quetzal Necklaces, bracelets, clothing  
Northwood Health Center Chiropractic information  
Productos El Maringuia Clothing, jewelry, purses, sports products, women's accessories  
Integrity Staffing Promotional Information  
American National Insurance Insurance information  
PH Tech

Health coverage information

Oregon Derecho a la Vida Educational materials  
Interface Informational materials  
WSD HUB Informational materials  
DHS Child Welfare Informational materials  
Causa Oregon Informational materials  
Bridgeway Recovery Service Informational materials  
Woodburn Chamber of Commerce Informational materials  

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