Woodburn-Gervais Enterprise Zone



The Woodburn-Gervais Enterprise Zone incentive program encourages economic development by waiving property taxes on declared investments for eligible businesses for three years. The property tax waiver may be extended to five years if the qualifying company creates jobs compensated at 150% of Marion County’s annual wage.


Standard Abatement:

This economic development incentive offers 100% property tax relief on normally tax-assessed new plants and/or equipment. The abatement lasts for three years after the property has been placed in service.

Extended Abatement:

The City Council may extend the standard exemption to four or five consecutive years if the qualifying company creates jobs compensated at 150% of Marion County’s annual wage.

Local Incentives:

As an added bonus, the following local incentives (in Woodburn only) make the process easier and faster, saving money along the way:

  • An expedited land use review – fast tracking the review process
  • 100% of the following fees are also waived:
    1. Pre-Application fees
    2. Expedited land use review fees
    3. Business Registration fees
    4. Planning fees
    5. Sign review fees
  • Water installation charges and sewer tap fees are waived up to a maximum of $2,000

Woodburn and Gervais are committed to helping you save time and money while building a strong local economy through the Enterprise Zone Program


To receive these incentives, businesses must file an Enterprise Zone Authorization Application and be approved prior to any eligible investments.

  1. What is an Enterprise Zone?
  2. Woodburn-Gervais Enterprise Zone
  3. How the Enterprise Zone Process Works

The following applications need to be filled out before meeting with the City of Woodburn or the City of Gervais.

  1. Oregon Enterprise Zone Authorization Application
  2. Enterprise Zone First Source Hiring Agreement
  3. Other Forms
    1. Enterprise Zone Exemption Claim (needed when property is placed in service)
    2. Enterprise Property Schedule (accompanies the Exemption Claim form)
    3. Other Oregon State forms (needed for the Enterprise Zone Program)


Enterprise Zone policy focuses on "for profit" businesses. Eligible businesses provide goods, products or services to other business operations or organizations. This includes not only conventional manufacturing and industrial activities, but also processing plants, distribution centers, maintenance facilities, warehouses, and even operations that handle bulk clerical tasks or post-sale technical support.

Eligible businesses must invest in new property or equipment not already on the county’s tax rolls. The property must be owned or leased by the business firm and located within the Woodburn-Gervais Enterprise Zone boundary, which includes the entire City limits.

  • Investment cost must be $50,000 or more, in total, for qualified "real property", which includes newly constructed buildings or structures; new additions or modifications to existing building/structure; heavy/affixed machinery and equipment.
  • Land, non-inventory supplies, rolling stock, vehicles, and motor propelled devices do not qualify.

Existing firms must increase and maintain an employment increase by the greater of one person or ten percent (10%) full time employee(s). New firms to the area must employ at least one person.

Minimum Qualifying Criteria 3-Years (Standard) 5-Years (Extended)
Investment $50,000 $50,000
New employment for existing company 10% increase 1st year 10% increase 1st year
Average compensation per employee No Minimum $51,912*

*100% of Marion County average annual wage: $38,060

150% of Marion County average annual wage: $57,090

Incentives may include non-mandatory benefits, overtime and profit sharing.