Urban Renewal Agency will provide much-needed funds for WFD remodel

The Woodburn Urban Renewal Agency Board (Woodburn City Council) and Woodburn Fire District Board will be having a joint meeting on Oct. 8, 2013 at 6:30 p.m. at City Hall to consider a project to remodel the fire station headquarters, located at 1776 Newberg Highway.

The Woodburn Urban Renewal Plan has included the Woodburn Fire District Main Fire Station in the Urban Renewal Area (URA) since adoption in 2001 and has identified the need to update fire protection services. The Woodburn Fire District remodeled the station in 2004 and in 2008, requesting Urban Renewal assistance in completing the project. 

The City, with the assistance of DECA Architecture, has completed a preliminary design of the project. The project is focused on updating the dormitory rooms and support facilities to provide single occupant rooms to create greater privacy and comfort for on-duty fire fighters.  Mechanical and electrical systems will be updated to provide greater energy efficiency and comfort for occupants of the dormitory and support areas.

Temporary sleeping quarters for on-duty fire fighters will be provided while construction activity is occurring. Rehabilitation and minor repairs to the station will also be included in the remodeling project.

The City of Woodburn will provide all design, construction and administrative support for the remodeling project, providing a “turnkey” project to the Fire District. The Woodburn Fire District should have a minimal loss of staff time or interruption of personnel’s primary duties.

Total cost of the project hasn’t been determined yet.

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