Traffic Information

The purpose of the Traffic Information, by the Public Works Department, Engineering Division, is to provide the public notice of current and upcoming work zones that may affect traffic flow. There will be road closure notices as well as graphic displays of traffic control plans and times they will impact traffic.

Current Projects Underway:

  • Underground Fuel Tank Removal Project. Project Location: NE Corner of Grant Street and N. First Street.
  • North First Street Tree Removal Project: Project Location: Along First Street from Oak Street to Harrison Street.

Work to begin on Monday, February 18, 2019 from 7am to 7pm. Expect small delays, possible detours and NO Parking along work areas. Please follow all traffic control signage and drive with caution in work zone.


Traffic Count Data:

We are also providing Traffic Count Data, which the Engineering Division has acquired and tabulated. The "Standard Traffic Count Log" are average daily traffic (ADT) counts, 85% speed, percent trucks and peak AM and PM traffic times on City Streets. "Special Request Traffic Count Log" will list the same data but for non-city streets, like park entrances, parking lots, event traffic, etc.

The purpose for collecting this type of information is to aid the Engineering Division in addressing concerns by City Council, Woodburn Police Department, Designers, State Agencies and local citizens on traffic control (signing and pavement marking) measures to keep traffic flow properly directed, safe and regulated. We do not want semi-tractor-trailers on residential/local streets if they were not designed and built for truck routes. If we see results indicating more than 15% of the traffic is normally traveling above the posted speed limit (PSL), Public Works will notify the Woodburn Police Dept.

The equipment owned and operated by Public Works can measure speed of a vehicle to 0.1 MPH and classifies they type of vehicle in one of 11 predetermined types (weight types) from small bikes to the largest of tractor-trailer rigs.

Our goal is safe roads for motor-vehicles, pedestrians, first responders, commercial vendors and work zone maintenance and construction crews. We welcome your interest, questions and cooperation.

For further information please contact the Engineering Division at 503-982-5240