Comprehensive Plan

In January, 2016 the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD) approved Woodburn's Comprehensive Plan Amendments, amending the Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) and establishing an Urban Reserve.  The UGB expansion consists of approximately 619 gross acres.  This includes 190 acres for industrial use, 23 acres for commercial use and 406 acres for residential use.  There is:

  • A twenty year expansion limitation condition west of Butteville Road NE.
  • A twenty year expansion limitation condition northeast of Highway 99E.
  • An Urban Reserve, consisting of 230 acres, east of the intersection of Butteville Road NE and Parr Road NE.


In 2005, Woodburn approved an update to its Comprehensive Plan and expanded the Urban Growth Boundary (UGB), which totaled approximately 980 acres.  Subsequently, the Marion County Board of Commissioners and the Land Conservation and Development Commission (LCDC) approved the update and the UGB expansion.  The decision concerning the UGB expansion was appealed to the Oregon Court of Appeals twice, with LCDC reapproving the original decision a second time.  With the Court's action, the LCDC initiated a mediation process and all parties to the second Court of Appeals case ultimately agreed on a compromise called a Framework for Mediation Settlement Agreement in April, 2015.  This settlement agreement established the basis for moving the Woodburn's UGB proposal forward.

Woodburn and Marion County jointly approved the proposed UGB and Urban Reserve on December 14, 2015, consistent with the Framework for Mediation Settlement Agreement.  Ultimately, this decision received final approval from the Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD) in January, 2016.

Similar to most jurisdictions, Woodburn spent years updating its Comprehensive Plan, which functions as the blueprint for how the City will grow over the next 20 years.  This process involved completing various plans and studies that provided the basis for updating the Woodburn Comprehensive Plan and the Woodburn Development Ordinance (WDO).  These plans and studies included an updated housing needs analysis, a wetlands study, an updated transportation systems plan, a parks master plan, a public facilities plan and an economic opportunities analysis and strategy.

Based on the information provided by these plans and studies prior to 2005, the City determined that there was not sufficient buildable land to meet future needs, and at that time, outlined a new UGB to provide for planned growth.  The City also updated the Comprehensive Plan and the WDO, based on the information provided by the plans and studies and being consistent with State of Oregon planning goals and regulations.

Here are the links to the 2015 amendment and further background regarding the UGB:

Below are the ordinances (including attachments) that were adopted by the City Council at various times to meet the community's future needs:

The following items were presented at the September 12, 2005 Council meeting.

Staff recommendations following the June 13, 2005 Council meeting are available below.

The original proposed plan and land use regulation amendments are provided below.

Maps illustrating the proposed Urban Growth Boundary expansion and comprehensive plan designations and maps of proposed changes to comprehensive plan designations and zoning are provided below.