Budget Committee


The Budget Committee is an advisory body to the City Council. The purpose of the Budget Committee is to meet publicly to review the budget document as proposed by the City Administrator. The Budget Committee receives the budget and budget message and provides the opportunity for the public to ask questions about and comment on the budget.

The City of Woodburn Budget contains a wealth of information, including projected street improvement schedules, current goals and objectives for all departments, and summaries detailing the financial activities of the City.

The Committee is composed of the six voting members of the council, and an equal number of electors. The electors are appointed by the Mayor for a term of three years. All members of the Committee have equal voting power. Click here for the April 28, 2018 meeting agenda.


Our current Budget Committee members are:

Don Judson ~ Position I December 2019
John Zobrist ~ Position II December 2019
Matthew Geiger ~ Position III December 2018
Elida Sifuentez ~ Position IV December 2018
Patty Soza ~ Position V December 2019
John Reinhardt ~ Position VI December 2018
Melinda Veliz ~ Ward I December 2020
Lisa Ellsworth ~ Ward II December 2020
Robert Carney ~ Ward III December 2018
Sharon Schaub ~ Ward IV December 2018
Frank Lonergan ~ Ward V December 2018
Eric Morris ~ Ward VI December 2020

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Budget Committee, please complete the Committee/Board Application.