Financial Documents

Five Year Financial Forecast

The Five Year Financial Forecast takes a forward look at the City's revenues and expenditures with the purpose of identifying financial trends, shortfalls and issues so the City can proactively address them. Future results are projected based on the City's current service levels, policies and unavoidable future impacts.

City of Woodburn Budget

The annual budget process is intended to weigh all competing requests for City resources within expected fiscal constraints. Levels of service will increase or decrease based on the availability of recourses. Requests for new programs made outside the annual budget process are discouraged. New initiatives will be financed by reallocating existing City resources to the services with the highest priorities. To learn more read the City of Woodburn's Budget Policy.


Adopted Budget 2014-2015
Adopted Budget 2013-2014
Adopted Budget 2012-2013
Adopted Budget 2011-2012
Adopted Budget 2010-2011
Adopted Budget 2009-2010
Adopted Budget 2008-2009
Adopted Budget 2007-2008
Adopted Budget 2006-2007
Adopted Budget 2005-2006


Quarterly Reports

1st Quarter Report FY 2014
2nd Quarter Report FY 2014
3rd Quarter Report FY 2014


City of Woodburn Audit Report

The City of Woodburn publishes an annual Audit Report to ensure transparency of City spending.

2012-2013 Audit Report
2011-2012 Audit Report
2010-2011 Audit Report
2009-2010 Audit Report
2008-2009 Audit Report
2007-2008 Audit Report
2006-2007 Audit Report

Urban Renewal Agency Audit Report

2012-2013 Urban Renewal Agency Audit Report
2011-2012 Urban Renewal Agency Audit Report
2010-2011 Urban Renewal Agency Audit Report
2009-2010 Urban Renewal Agency Audit Report
2008-2009 Urban Renewal Agency Audit Report
2007-2008 Urban Renewal Agency Audit Report
2006-2007 Urban Renewal Agency Audit Report