Public Works Projects Underway


If you have any questions and/or comments regarding any projects under construction, please contact our Engineering Division office at (503) 982-5241 and ask for our City Engineer, Eric Liljequist or email at

Transit Bus Stop ADA Improvments Project


City of Woodburn are constructing concrete pads and sidewalks at various locations in Woodburn, Oregon to facilitate ADA accessibility for the public transit system.

Project start date is 9-12-17.

If there are any questions or concerns about this project please contact Eric Lijequist

West Hayes Street Sanitary Sewer Pipeline Project


City of Woodburn has awarded the contract to Pacific Excavation, Inc to install approximately 1,012 lineal feet of 15" 3034 PVC Sanitary Sewer Pipe and approximately 1,911 lineal feet of 18" 3034 PVC Sanitary Sewer Pipe and reconnect all services and mains.

Downtown Library Park Restrooms Project


The City of Woodburn Urban Renewal Agency awarded the construction contract for the Downtown Library Park Restrooms Project to Woodburn Construction Co. This projects consists of remodeling an existing pump room located in the Public Library into one men’s and women’s ADA public restroom including civil utility installation. The anticipated project start date is late May 2017.

Water Master Plan Update

Murray, Smith and Associates, Inc (MSA) entered into a Personal Services Agreement with the City of Woodburn to provide professional consultant services in developing a Water Master Plan Update. The Plan Update will address the water supply system improvements needed through the year 2036. MSA will be providing project management and coordination of the Plan Update including but not limited to planning data information, calculating water system demands, collecting existing system inventory, assessing storage and fire flow requirements, assessing water quality and preparing draft and final plans for the City to review for state approval.

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