Public Works Projects Underway


If you have any questions and/or comments regarding any projects under construction, please contact our Engineering Division office at (503) 982-5241 and ask for our City Engineer, Eric Liljequist or email at

Harvesting and Marketing Poplar Trees (Management Units 1 & 2)


The City of Woodburn is in a personal services agreeement with a qualified contractor for the harvesting and marketing of Poplar trees at the Waster Water Treatment Plant. 

Questions pertaining to this project should be directed to Dago Garcia at 503-982-5248 or

Design & Construction Management Services for the Hardcastle Ave Realignment at Railroad Crossing Project


Design is currently underway for the Hardcastle Avenue Realignment at Railroad Crossing Project.

Project start date: January 2018

Questions pertaining to this project should be directed to Eric Liljequist at 503-982-5241 or

Water System Financial Plan Update


The City’s water system financial plan update is currently underway. These services are being coordinated in conjunction with the Water Master Plan (Plan Update) that is currently in progress.

Water Master Plan Update

Murray, Smith and Associates, Inc (MSA) entered into a Personal Services Agreement with the City of Woodburn to provide professional consultant services in developing a Water Master Plan Update. The Plan Update will address the water supply system improvements needed through the year 2036. MSA will be providing project management and coordination of the Plan Update including but not limited to planning data information, calculating water system demands, collecting existing system inventory, assessing storage and fire flow requirements, assessing water quality and preparing draft and final plans for the City to review for state approval.

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